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Welcome to
Metaverse 2.0

Shinra is a metaverse based gaming platform hosting a range of fully immersive games. We believe that the metaverse should be a place where you can be who you want to be, and do what you want to do. Using our cutting edge proprietary AI platform, users facial expressions are synced to their avatar and real time translation supports borderless collaboration. With fully customizable avatars and enhanced communication technologies, Shinra is the ultimate destination for playing, discussing and exchanging in the metaverse.


Generate avatars
from 3D scanning &
lip-sync in real time

At Shinra, you can be anyone. Simply scan your face, and our app will automatically generate a unique avatar. Users can create avatars from scratch or integrate avatars from other platforms. Rigged 3D avatars allow users to convert their own in-game communications to live animation and expression on their avatar of choice.


Real time translation
with speech to
speech AI

Shinra Deep Voice applies machine learning models to recognise and translate users' voices, facilitating smooth communication with players all over the globe. Analysis and reproduction of vocal tone and cadence offer the nuances needed to collaborate in a fast paced networked environment.


Personalize your avatar
with Shinra’s Digital
Twin technology

Through interacting with the metaverse, your Digital Twin assimilates your personality and behaviors, using proprietary AI technology. Through conversing with other players, or even communicating directly with your own Digital Twin, Avatars can be customized and tweaked to become exactly who you want them to be.


Keep your data safe
with secure Multi
Party Computation

When it comes to personal information, Shinra leaves the user in control. We apply MPC to encrypt and distribute data within our network, ensuring that it is completely protected at all times. If a user decides to make their data available to build a Digital Twin, it can only be accessed by Shinra’s AI platform.

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Prolouge 01.

Tokyo, 2049 After automation took over, global socio-economic systems fell into chaos ushering in an age of rampant unemployment and widespread poverty. As society broke down, the working classes were left to survive whilst the elite grew in power. As Yakuza technocrats took control of Tokyo, law and order became a thing of the past. The old city was left behind and a new city was born from the ashes. This is “SHIN TOKYO”.

Prolouge 02.

The New Era As Shin Tokyo became a hotbed of crime and chaos, the wealthy abandoned Tokyo and moved to the relative safety of the policed skyscrapers of Osaka and Nagoya. Shin Tokyo is a dog eat dog world, the strong survive and the weak are eliminated. Cybernetic enhancements rule. Mental and physical capacities are artificially extended beyond their natural limits to usher in a new era of humanity.

Prolouge 03.

Order and Disorder For some, Shin Tokyo was a death sentence, for others it was a place to thrive. Out of the chaos rose heroes of the underworld, whose names were uttered in whispers whilst their deeds became the stuff of legend. The new kings of this desolate land became more powerful than even the elites could contend with, threatening to fracture the oppressive equilibrium that had taken hold.

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