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What is Metaverse 2.0?

Shinra’s metaverse is not simply a virtual space or platform for online gaming. It is the gateway to an immersive digital world. By bridging multiple platforms, user bases and content creators it will serve as a multi-leveled and creative entertainment hub. Greater levels of avatar customization and enhanced communication technologies place the user in the center of the action, making it more real and more connected than any metaverse to date.

Immersive and Interactive

Enhanced modes of communication between users offer a deeper level of engagement in Shinra’s metaverse. Until now, digital communications have been limited to voice and video based interaction, both hindering expression and breaking the flow of any gaming experience. But what if an avatar could share the facial expressions of its user and automatically imitate turns of phrase and modes of speech? At Shinra, close and meaningful interactions are made possible without breaking the spell of the virtual world. With real time translation people communicate across borders, as if they were in the same room, co-existing shoulder to shoulder.

Community Led Development

Shinra’s modular SDKs open the platform to anyone seeking to use the technology. Developers and users alike can easily interface with Shinra and get creative using the tools that they are comfortable with. By opening our doors to the migration of native NFTs, new opportunities are made available to a wider range of users and we strengthen the chances of capturing NFT-related value on-chain.



SHINRA, Home to
Metaverse 2.0

In addition to being an open platform on which many different metaverses and games will be featured and developed, Shinra is the site at which multiple metaverses connect. The proprietary technology developed by Shinra will be made available on both our own in-house projects and third party developments. In this way, Shinra’s products will enhance user-experience within and beyond our own ecosystem.


By providing Shinra’s in house AI technologies through SDKs, partner game companies are able to incorporate our proprietary technology into existing and future releases. Shinra Deep Sync and Deep Voice technologies constitute a watershed for avatar related technologies in metaverse, both enhancing usability and optimizing gameplay. As Shinra grows, our central offering will be to develop additional SDKs and plug-ins to serve the cutting edge in communication and immersion technologies. This is Shinra’s DNA.

Connected Metaverses

We are developing novel and exciting features so users can bring assets from other metaverses or games seamlessly. With Shinra you can simply import your avatar from different metaverse applications as well as import your game data into games compatible with the Shinra ecosystem. We plan on integrating a number of titles into our collection upon launch. Shinra is open to all titles and features including NFT integration, meaning that developers can simply apply for their projects to be listed on Shinra and within hours can be featured. At Shinra, we want to create a comfortable home for all game and metaverse developers to thrive.



At the Forefront of SHINRA,
Stands the Community

At Shinra, we prioritize community engagement and want to empower the community in any way we can. The platform has been built to maximize user input and gain. At Shinra, players truly own what they earn in our games. These verifiable UGC assets can be bought, sold and traded at customized storefronts, allowing users full customization and control of all aspects of their metaverse experience.

Bridging the Gap

Whereas current market leaders are typically either marketplaces or playable metaverses, Shinra will bring these two worlds together. Sales of user generated content such as vehicles, character designs and attire will drive economic activity on the platform, enabling immediate consumption and utility of digital assets. These visual game elements will increase user-engagement whilst simultaneously generating profits for users and developers alike.

The Hive Mind

At Shinra, we believe the key to success is collaboration. We constantly engage and test assumptions through our network, building alongside an active community who shapes the direction of the tools and productions we deliver. Through feature suggestions, user groups, reviews, gamerscores and more we will keep track of what you like and how you like it.



SHINRA Deep Sync

At Shinra, you can be anyone. Simply scan your face, and our app will automatically generate photorealistic or filtered reproductions in 3D. Users can create avatars from scratch or integrate their favorite personas from other platforms. AI driven face recoognition and rigged 3D avatars allow users to convert their own in-game communications to live animation and expression on their avatar of choice.

SHINRA Deep Voice

Shinra Deep Voice applies machine learning models to recognise and translate users' voices, facilitating smooth communication with players all over the globe. This, coupled with customizable tonalities, voices and turns of phrase is essential to the development of a convincing Digital Twin. The double punch of Shinra Deep Voice coupled with Shinra Deep Sync provides a seamless representation of who you want to be online. This will facilitate closer and more realistic communication than ever before.

SHINRA Digital Twin

The key to individuality is personality. At Shinra, we see this as unique patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish us from one another. In order to denote either an individual’s personality, or a novel constructed personality, to an avatar, we have a multi-faceted approach. We rely on psychologically recognised personality types as a foundation and then supplement these with the key defining traits that make you who you are. Through personal conversations with your own Digital Twin and its observation of your behavior, it is able to emulate beliefs, behaviors and your own idiosyncratic lexicon. In Shinra, you can mold your Digital Twin into exactly who you want it to be.

Look Your Best, All the Time

Shinra’s cutting edge 3D scanning technology generates photorealistic and filtered models straight from a user’s specific device. For people who prefer to customize their appearance, they can either import their own third party 3D assets or use our avatar builder to really stand out.



Now.. tell us your mind Are you ready?

Now.. tell us your mind Are you ready?